5 ways to improve internal communication, create more interaction within members

Internal communication is not a factor many businesses focus on improving. However, some human resource management experts believe that, if you seriously invest in internal communication activities in the company, enterprises can create many positive effects on their performance results.  

According to Weekdone, an organization can develop a strong workforce and improve its competitiveness by applying the following effective communication activities. 

1. Encourage internal communication, input and dialogue

To develop effective internal communication within the company, management needs to promote two-way communication. Instead of just organizing activities in the form of communication, sharing information from superior to lower level. Management should encourage employees to give feedback on the information they receive. Actively promote employees to open dialogue with their colleagues and managers.

Two-way internal communication activities are often difficult to implement in the operating circuit of the enterprise. Therefore, a working platform, internal communication is the optimal method for employee feedback to the business. For example, enterprise intranet features, self-contained online approvals, etc HR service by CoffeeHR. This feature will help promote multi-dimensional interactions between businesses. Employees proactively overcome barriers in communication and share more aspirations. The administrator directly listens to the wishes of the personnel without going through the hard copy.

Mạng xã hội truyền thông nội bộ
Internal communication social network

2. Listen to employees 

We all know, listening skills are a big plus when entering the office environment. Listening is even more important than communicating. Management should encourage employees at all levels to give opinions, information, and questions to understand the problems they are facing. From there, provide timely solutions to and troubleshoot employees' difficulties. 

3. Employee survey on internal communication activities

To find out the organizational status of the organization's internal communication activities, the management should regularly survey employees' opinions according to the level of participation and satisfaction. Encourage them to evaluate their feelings and propose contributions. Thereby, businesses understand the points that need to be learned and adjusted for the next operation. 

With CoffeeHR's survey deployment feature, businesses can organize quarterly, quarterly and annual surveys on all issues in the organization. Survey information will be sent to all members and the results obtained are aggregated into report details. Administrators can easily capture the thoughts of employees. From there, orient the development of resources and improve corporate culture effectively.

4. Use online tools instead of face-to-face meetings in internal communication

Usually, to organize face-to-face meetings takes a long time to arrange the schedule. On the other hand, the percentage of members attending the meeting is sometimes very low. During the stressful and complicated time of the Covid-19 pandemic, using online meeting and reporting tools saves time. Especially for businesses with many branches and offices in different places. Meeting face-to-face is difficult. With online meeting, mAll members can join the meeting anywhere at any time.

Improving internal communication with modern communication technologies will help improve interaction efficiency between employees to 20-25%. 

Virtual meeting
Virtual meeting

5. Publicize common goals, help employees understand their important role

48% Enterprises perform ineffectively activities to help employees understand business goals and strategies. The reason is that the internal communication process top down is not effective

Therefore, the disclosure of the goals in the business is extremely necessary. Each individual, department will clearly understand the goals of the department or individual. Thereby understanding how to achieve common goals, increase interactivity. Thereby promoting engagement, work inspiration and productivity of each employee.

With CoffeeHR's flexible assessment dashboard system, each employee and department can monitor their goal completion level anytime, anywhere. From there, encourage teamwork to build specific orientations. The whole team will also accelerate to the finish line.

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