Bất Động Sản Nhà Phú Nhuận – Tiên phong chuyển mình trong thời đại số ngành BĐS

Phu Nhuan House Construction and Trading Company was established in 1983. Is one of the oldest real estate businesses in Ho Chi Minh City. Up to now, Phu Nhuan House has participated in many projects such as An Phu New City, Takashi Ky Co Quy Nhon. At the same time, successfully affirming the quality of its services to customers. Facing the trend of digital transformation, as a long-standing business, Phu Nhuan House understands the importance of applying digital transformation to manage and operate the business as soon as possible.

Chuyển đổi số quản trị nhân sự Nhà Phú Nhuận
Pictures of An Phu New City Project of Phu Nhuan House Construction and Trading Company

Currently, Phu Nhuan House has a strong and professional staff. Professional corporate culture. Especially towards the satisfaction of customers and partners. In the 5-year strategic orientation, Phu Nhuan House identify people as the key factor. Training and developing people is an important mission of the organization. Because Phu Nhuan House understands, improving work efficiency is the key to success for businesses and wealth for employees.

After considering the options for digital transformation of management, Phu Nhuan House chose CoffeeHR

With solution Personnel evaluation (Performance Management) of CoffeeHR, Phu Nhuan House highly appreciates the flexibility and customization of the Solution, not only ensuring the current KPIs problem but also meeting the continuous changes of KPIs in the future. CoffeeHR solution is designed according to modern human resource management standards, HR system according to job position (Position Management), KPIs are also built according to each job position, and especially the solution has provided standard sets of KPIs for each industry, helping Phu Nhuan House create sets of KPIs very quickly in accordance with the characteristics of the Real Estate Industry. Movables.

With in-depth solutions from CoffeeHR, will certainly help businesses "improve" performance management (KPI) and human resource management more effectively in the new era. 

CoffeeHR has more than 10 years of accompanying many businesses and corporations. Contact now to optimize Human Resource Management for your Business.
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