Employee engagement issues in the companies

A business that wants to succeed and develop sustainably must build a united and strong team. However, the employee engagement becomes a painful problem for the leadership of the organization. Many individuals feel disconnected from their colleagues and management. Mainly because of communication barriers in the process of working together. 

So how to engage employees? 
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Connecting employees to help businesses operate effectively
The importance of employee engagement in business 

A business cannot function or operate on its own without the human element. Attracting and retaining financial talent is to maintain a competitive advantage for the business. A high employee engagement rate will positively affect the growth rate, labor productivity, revenue and profit of the enterprise. Besides, reducing the rate of absenteeism and absenteeism of employees. 

  • Increase employee engagement 

Human resource engagement is not just the attachment between employees and the organization. It is also the connection between members in the business. Individuals “live together” peacefully, actively communicating with each other. The process of interaction in their work reached a high level, the ability to work in groups was promoted. 

  • Improve labor productivity

Studies show that highly engaged employees work harder and put more effort into their work than those who lack engagement. So they always achieve extremely high labor productivity. 

A Gallup survey found that businesses that successfully engage employees are 22% more productive than those without engagement. 

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Teamwork improves productivity
  • Increase corporate profits 

When a business has an employee engagementThis helps improve the labor productivity of employees, thereby helping businesses increase profits. 

According to Hewiit - a capital and human resource consulting business in the US, organizations reach the level of engagement from 60 to 70%, the average total return of shareholders is 24.2%; companies with engagement level 49-60%, the percentage of total profit is 9.1%; for a company with less than 25% engagement, the total return of shareholders is negative. 

  • Minimize frequent absenteeism and absenteeism 

Whether it is one or more employees, frequent absences have a negative impact on the business. That is reduced performance, job stagnation, reduced customer satisfaction. An employee who is always proactive in connection will create self-motivation to complete the work in the best way. As a result, such people are less likely to be absent. 

In particular, employees who feel well connected to their co-workers are less likely to switch jobs. 

Ways to engage employees in the business? 

Many managers understand the importance of employee engagement with the business. But not everyone knows what they should do to create and maintain that bond. 

To connect with employees, business leaders need to pay attention to their employees and create a personal bond with them. There are many different ways, CoffeeHR I will reveal to you some specific 'tips' to better engage employees in the company! 

  • Focus on internal communication 

Not only stopping at transmitting information from superiors to each employee. Internal communication is also a way to help employees interact and communicate with each other and with management. In addition to in-person activities at the company, online activities also need to be improved. Especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Using message boards or internal social networks is gradually being preferred by many businesses. On this platform, common activities, connecting images are always updated. Creating an interactive place helps employees open up more with their colleagues and superiors. 

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Internal connection through media

In addition, managers can share and spread core values, corporate culture of the organization through Company wall or News. Sharing not only helps employees instill ideas and values, but also makes them feel more motivated to work, promote capacity themselves and long-term commitment to the organization. 

  • Listen and talk 

Taking the time to listen and talk to employees is not an easy task for a manager. However, a boss who successfully does something will earn the trust of his employees. Because they will understand how people solve problems, work ethic and own strengths. As a result, they will manage everything more efficiently. Employees will also feel different and respected. They are heard and given their opinions. This makes employees actively engaged with their work and with the business. 

With the current trend of working from home, regularly communicate and chat with your employees when work remotely. In addition to work, you can also talk about your difficulties, life, work experiences, and stories to your subordinates. 

  • Enhance group activities

Each individual always wants to express their voice in the business community. They are also an important link in work groups. They have a need to connect with their colleagues and with their organization besides working independently. 

When people come together to voice their opinions, they promote teamwork together. From there, create a common purpose and strive for good results. Group activities such as entertainment, dining should also be invested regularly. When individuals have the opportunity to get to know each other better, they will bond with each other more.

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