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GetFit Fitness Center was established in 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City. Through many stages of development, GetFit has successfully built a leading sports brand. Always engrave in the customer's mind about a professional team with perfect service. As a service business, GetFit always focuses on employee engagement with customers. And above all, the agreement between employees and the organization. Perhaps because, each employee will represent the soul and image of the brand. When businesses provide a comprehensive HR experience for each individual working, they will be proud to be a member of GetFit and will convey this spirit to customers in the most complete way. 

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In fact, when starting to build a management process for nearly a hundred people, businesses began to face many difficulties.

For employees at GetFit, it's a non-lean HR service. The multi-procedural approval process keeps them waiting for a long time. This directly affects work performance as well as employee psychology. They feel that their wishes are not received. From adjusting work schedules to proposing salary increases and bonuses, everything becomes complicated with all kinds of paperwork. 

In contrast, administrators at GetFit also have their own problems of reporting and evaluation. Because before, it was only done in Excel, so the data analysis process took a lot of time, not to mention the error in the calculation. Furthermore, each report type is located in a different file. Therefore, it is difficult for administrators to grasp and observe in the most comprehensive way.  

Faced with these challenges, GetFit understands that it needs to find a new direction. And after long consideration, GetFit decided to apply digital transformation to shorten the process and optimize human resource services. Impressed by the flexibility and intelligence of CoffeeHR software, GetFit believes that we will be the partner to deploy intensive HR management software for businesses. 

So, how will CoffeeHR accompany GetFit to improve human resources services?

By Master Data system and more than 30 Dashboard report Smart, GetFit's administrators easily track every change in the business. Comparing departmental sizes, quarterly performance, etc. is no longer a problem. With CoffeeHR, data is aggregated into an intuitive, detailed and accurate chart. At the same time, the error warning function helps personnel to shorten the time to find errors. Administrators can also monitor anytime, anywhere, without waiting for general personnel. 

The approval process is also accelerated many times when all information is integrated on a common platform. Employees can apply for leave, propose a salary increase, evaluate, etc. directly through their personal accounts without needing a word. The system will store the request information and send it to the manager for immediate approval. From there, promoting the spirit of initiative and increasing multi-dimensional connectivity within the enterprise. Other human resource services such as electronic signing and timekeeping on Mobile App are aimed at convenience for all GetFit members. 

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With a mission to improve the quality of life, GetFit puts people as the core value. And to preserve that value, internal experiences will play a big part. Choosing technology to become a tool to improve HR services. To increase the strength of all members, no longer limited to the administrator, is correct. Accompanying GetFit, CoffeeHR will definitely complete this goal. From there, creating a stepping stone for the business to go far in the future with a core team of employees who carry the brand's soul.

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