Retaining employees after the Covid-19 epidemic

Employee leave is always a headache for managers. The challenges businesses face are not only related to the costs of recruiting and training new employees. It is also an influence on the working spirit of other members of the organization. Especially with continuous layoffs. Therefore, job employee retention is always one of the top priorities of managers. Businesses need to have specific strategies and solutions to attract as well as retain talent. In order to recover quickly after the pandemic. So what does management need to do to retain employees effectively? 

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Why retain employees? 

After days work remotely Due to the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, employees are used to a leisurely pace of life, not being constrained by working time. Besides those who are excited to be back in the office environment. A set of young workers chose to leave their positions and companies after the distance was over. Stagnation when work at home It also contributes to the feeling of hard work and exhaustion of many employees.

According to a recent Microsoft survey, more than 40% employees consider quitting their jobs. According to Navigos Group, nearly 52% survey respondents think that they will "jump work" when the Covid-19 epidemic ends. 

Retaining talent much more meaningful than training, recruiting a new replacement. The organization can ensure effective maintenance of performance management and quality of work. At the same time minimize operating costs and other arising problems. 

How to retain employees after the Covid-19 pandemic

1. Communicate effectively and often

To retain employees, leaders or people doing HR work must always know themselves and understand people. Manage by understanding employee problems. At the same time, support employees to complete tasks after assigning them. Take care of subordinates by regularly exchanging work. From there, detect hot spots and have a timely solution. In addition, managers can also communicate important information to employees quickly through the feature notification CoffeeHR - tools HRM effective. Create opportunities for employees to express their views and provide feedback to colleagues and management. This makes employees feel heard and respected. In particular, after Handshake with communication platform for businesses and organizations GapoWork. Employees can now easily contact and exchange work every day. 

2. Promote corporate culture organization to retain employees

When it comes to entering the new normal, returning to work leaves many people unable to keep up with the hustle and bustle. Sometimes it will even fall into a state of imbalance between work and life. 

Many employees will feel lost, lonely and difficult to integrate with colleagues when returning to the office environment. If this situation persists, some employees will choose to quit. Even bringing others along.

Therefore, businesses need to focus on promoting connectivity. How to increase interaction between employees, increase the close attachment of personnel to the organization. 

Organize collective activities such as exchanges, entertainment minigames after stressful working hours. Helping all members of the organization have the opportunity to talk and interact with each other more. In addition, managers can share and spread core values, corporate culture of the organization through NS HR service. Sharing not only helps employees instill ideas and values, but also makes them feel more motivated to work, promote capacity themselves and long-term commitment to the organization. 

3. Give employees time to adjust to the new normal 

Because many employees are used to a comfortable lifestyle while distancing. Therefore, it cannot be managed by strict control as before. Instead of "hanging around" around the desks of subordinates, management can assign work to each of their employees along with deadlines through the function. planning help workflow management and effectively track progress. 

On the other hand, businesses can also combine many working models, helping employees to be more proactive in their work.

According to a CNBC survey, more than 50% employees want work at home or can combine work-from-home and work at the office.

The organization should consider multiple options to best meet the needs of the team. This helps employees arrange flexible working hours. In order to optimize work performance, ensure a good end result. 

With CoffeeHR, businesses can completely manage remotely when employees work from home. In addition to the features time attendance via GPS, automatic salary calculation, employees can submit proposals, online applications, HR processes. Even apply electronic contracts, digital signatures. 

4. Transparent recognition and evaluation to retain employees

Every employee wants their manager to recognize their efforts and achievements in front of the team. But not all managers know how to properly and timely evaluate employees. Personnel when receiving praise from superiors will feel respected. His contributions are recognized. Create opportunities to affirm your value to the organization.

At that time, they find inspiration to work, the motivation to complete in the best way. Every time they go to work, employees always feel satisfied and happy. Above all, they are always ready to give their best to the organization. 


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