Impress new employees with perfective onboarding 

When starting work in a new environment, we all have feelings of anxiety and nervousness. At this time, it is very necessary for managers to help new employees integrate to motivate them to work in the new organization. 

Construct Onboarding process is a necessity for organizations. Hence New staff easily adapt to new work and environment. Companies with processes onboarding Good people often retain talent longer. 

In this article, CoffeeHR will indicate a number tips so that management can help new employees integrate quickly into their business. 

Kết nối với nhân viên mới sao cho hiệu quả
Connect with new employees effectively
Make a new employee's first day stand out 

On the first day of a new job, businesses should limit complicated procedures on the first day. Instead, introduce new employees to the system approach, HR email. Please invite New staff lunch with everyone so you can quickly build connections with your team members. In addition, introduce them to amenities such as rooms, cafeterias or printer and projector equipment. Collaborate with colleagues in many departments to support new employees to integrate at the enterprise. 

When using CoffeeHR To manage employee onboarding, HR focuses less on procedures and more on creating a new employee experience.

Encourage new employees to participate in group work. 

Manager or team leader urge newcomers to actively participate in group work. Encourage old members to support new members. Thereby creating opportunities for New staff learn and interact with people. Thereby creating a stronger bond with colleagues. When entering a new working environment, avoid letting new employees feel isolated. Help them get along with everyone. As a result, the new staff's work is more convenient.

Khuyến khích nhân viên mới hội nhập qua làm việc nhóm
Encourage new employees to integrate through teamwork
Appoint a mentor for new employees 

Let a team member with strong skills and expertise help, support new employees to solve work difficulties and easily make friends and get to know people. The instructor can give the necessary instructions and documents for the job. Newbies will quickly and easily reach better. 

The instructor can be decided by the company or New staff can choose for themselves after getting acquainted with colleagues. Depending on the statute, new employees may meet weekly or monthly with their supervisor. Both will work together to solve problems and get the necessary advice.

Organize professional training courses

Organize training sessions, create conditions for employees to learn more. In the long run, it will improve the labor productivity of human resources. During that training, the manager/team leader can spot potential employees. Plan to give them more challenging tasks to get the most out of. Thereby supporting career development in the future.  

With CoffeeHR, as soon as the organization is integrated, new personnel can follow their entire career path along with clear descriptions of the positions and their respective qualifications. Personnel can actively register for training courses of the organization. Or enhance yourself through training recommendations.

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