Post-Covid - Are you ready to welcome the new recruitment trend?

Faced with complicated developments from the 4th Covid wave, many businesses have to change the size of personnel to be sustained during and after the crisis. That directly affects the recruitment market. Therefore, post-Covid with a "new normal" is established. It is also when employees return to the office, the consumer market begins to be active. And this is the time when recruitment demand gradually returns. In fact, after two years of confronting the pandemic, the way we view the way we work has changed a lot. Therefore, many new trends and recruitment needs have appeared.

According to a survey on the labor market of Navigos in October 2021, About 16,7% enterprises chose to cut staff and 3% enterprises temporarily stopped operating. 

So, what are these post-Covid recruiting trends?

1. Recruitment trend to work remotely (Remote).

Thanks to the development of online working technology and human resource management software. Currently, managers do not need to directly supervise but can still evaluate employees. 

This creates great opportunities for Freelancers. Besides, promoting businesses to attract "talent" in the labor market further. Remote human resources also help businesses save costs on equipment investment or easily expand their business to new markets. 

In a part of workers, they feel comfortable working from home. Mainly by work-life balance. From there, they increase their own work efficiency. The mindset of personnel is gradually changing, they prioritize flexible work higher.

One case study featured in October 2021, PwC audit group allow 40,000 Counselors in the US work online for life in any part of the country. Hay Australian technology corporation Appen recently expanding remote working opportunities for candidates in Vietnam with multiple locations. 

Xu thế tuyển dụng làm việc từ xa.
Trends in remote work recruitment.
2. Apply online interview to reduce exposure.

When entering the recruitment process, regular contact with candidates is essential. Before potential risks, businesses need to take precautions and prioritize the health of their employees. 

Therefore, the form of online interview or online test with support from a technology platform, has been implemented smoothly and effectively by many businesses. Especially with recruitment solution by CoffeeHR, the entire process encapsulates on an online platform from proposal, approval and even evaluation of candidates against a set of pre-set criteria. Besides, CoffeeHR software integrated with many recruitment websites, so the information is always automatically updated and stored on a common system. 

Even within many businesses, the online form is still applied. Due to government requirements, many companies still implement a 50/50 working policy to ensure the safety and health of their employees.

3. Building a recruitment brand (Employer Branding) for businesses.

After Covid, the increasing number of people looking for jobs also poses a problem of quality to businesses. At this time, each employer needs specific directions to attract talent to the team. 

Currently, not only large corporations but also SME businesses are also building business image. Communication activities about the company culture and the capacity of the workforce are no longer strange. Enterprises will have more positions when persuading talented people. 

Based on the market survey results, LinkedIn suppose, I think 75% candidates will learn about the brand of the business before applying. Undoubtedly, employer branding is and will remain the trend in the future.

Employer Branding cùng CoffeeHR
Employer Branding is getting more and more attention
4. Focus on finding experienced human resources.

Covid caused many businesses to give up a part of their human resources, so when returning, the need to find a replacement for the old position is prioritized. Therefore, Senior or Junior positions are often more focused than Fresher and Internship. In which, the prominent sectors are Banking - Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, etc. However, the market for this position is highly competitive. Require employers to have their own strategies to attract and convince candidates. 


Before the fluctuations of the recruitment market, each business should have a plan to catch the trend. Especially when Covid still contains potential risks. Organizations need to quickly adapt and change so as not to fall behind. At the same time improve the quality of its staff.

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