Hoàng Minh Group – Quản trị tập trung 400 nhân sự và hơn 10 công ty thành viên

Human resource management in an enterprise is not an easy thing, so managing human resources in a corporation with a large number of member companies, the difficulty is certainly multiplied.incubated many times. 

Hoang Minh Group with more than 10 member companies, spanning many fields from finance, manufacturing, construction to commerce with a total number of employees up to 400. Faced with such a large scale, many challenges have arisen in human resource management. Especially when each member company has different internal culture, rules and regulationsmedical programseparate activities. 


Nhân viên văn phòng mệt mỏi
Accountants tired of paperwork

Not to mention, each profession will encounter a separate management problem. For example, with production, it is a challenge in timekeeping and salary calculation due to irregular shifts. Or the "easy" financial sector has a hard time assessing performance and fluctuating hiring needs. Therefore, Hoang Minh Group wishes to build a centralized management system. Second, it simultaneously solves many problems faced by each subsidiary. But above all, the platform must not affect the regulation of each group member. 

The second "prominent" problem that Hoang Minh Group encountered is the capacity assessment process. Manual methods such as observation and self-assessment are all emotional. So they are difficult to accurately reflect the shortcomings each employee has. Moreover, the human resources themselves do not understand what they need to add or even what their promotion path is. 

After trial and error, Ms. Thao - Human Resources Director of Hoang Minh Group shared with us that:

CoffeeHR works intelligently and stably. Above all, it is very suitable for the future direction of human resource management of Hoang Minh. This is the main factor that the corporation decided to choose CoffeeHR to become a software partner for human resource management.

So, how will CoffeeHR help Hoang Minh "untangle" these difficulties in centralized administration?

First of all, with the Cloud platform, businesses can store information about 400 employees and member companies. We integrate data on one system that helps the management to focus effectively.

Quản trị tập trung từ HMG
Centralized management solution from CoffeeHR to simplify the process

Besides, by thinking management by location (Position Management), each employee who joins Hoang Minh Group will have a clear orientation about his career path and capacity gap with the next position. Through the automatic evaluation system, managers can make objective comments on performance and capacity. On top of that, all data is digitized according to each company's own set of criteria. Ensure no overlap, duplicate, help the system operate smoothly.

In addition, the corporation also faced many other difficulties in human resource management. Like the problem of timekeeping, calculating the salary of a manufacturing company. Or the recruitment problem of financial enterprises. All are completely and effectively removed by CoffeeHR for Hoang Minh Group. 

With salary calculation, we are flexible with many formulas for businesses. Even complex articles about 3P wages. About timekeeping, personnel easily time attendance via Mobile App with GPS. Thereby creating convenience to ensure accuracy for administrators. Or in recruitment, thanks to automation and centralized Master Data, businesses no longer worry about missing CVs or too many management files at the same time.


We understand, the foundation for a business to develop sustainably is the quality of human resources. With word solution CoffeeHR, Hoang Minh Group will increasingly specialize in people-oriented management and from there reach further on the development path.

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