How to build a positive working environment?

Working in a positive and friendly environment helps employees to be motivated to work hard and dedicate themselves to the business. This brings many benefits to the organization including increased work productivity, reduce turnover rates and improve engagement and develop relationships in the workplace.

So how to create an ideal working environment? 

The impact of a positive working environment on employees 

1. Advanced work productivity of employee 

Friendly and positive working environment is one of the important factors. Because it affects the productivity and work quality of personnel. Working in an ideal environment, employees will feel inspired to create. They seem to be more motivated to complete their work well. Employees also have the opportunity to maximize their potential. They are free to contribute ideas for the overall development of the company. 

When working in an unfriendly environment, employees are easily frustrated and tired. Causes work interruption, stagnation and bad results. It even negatively affects the morale of others. 

2. Reduce employee turnover rate and retain talent 

Currently, employees have paid much attention to the working environment. Human resources will decide to stay with a company for a long time based on the company's culture. Is it in line with your own orientation or not? A positive work environment has a lower absenteeism rate. Therefore, the organization does not need to spend a lot of money to recruit and train new replacements.  

When the company has a strong and developed corporate culture, employees understand the core values, vision, and mission of the organization. They will be motivated to stay at work for a long time. At the same time actively promote and cultivate themselves to achieve the overall goals of the organization. 

3. Employee engagement in a positive working environment

Employees who work in a positive environment tend to be more active and perform better. They feel satisfied and happy with the work they are doing. In particular, thanks to an open and friendly working environment, new employees can quickly integrate and keep up with the pace of life in the office environment. Therefore, they will not feel lost or lonely every time they come to the company. Active employees also provide a better customer experience. This helps to create value and revenue for your company. 

How to build a positive work environment extreme and healthy

1. Promote internal communication 

Communication is a way to increase mutual understanding. It also helps to improve the relationship between the two sides. When members of the organization regularly communicate and exchange information. Create a comfortable working environment. This helps the team work process go smoothly, limiting internal conflicts that affect the overall results.

Besides, when the communication between employees and managers takes place regularly, employees will have confidence in their superiors. They feel respected and heard. Management can communicate information down levels using tools internal message board  above CoffeeHR HR management software for fast and accurate transmission. 

Môi trường làm việc tích cực lý tưởng

Through periodic employee surveys and surveys, employees have the opportunity to express their views and give personal feedback to their colleagues and managers. Listening and understanding is the way to improve effective communication, to build a friendly working environment. Regularly ask questions and discuss work with employees so that they can quickly detect problems and offer immediate solutions.

2. Recognition and evaluation of employee achievements

A good working environment is when management regularly rewards and appreciates the work results and achievements of employees. Then the individual being recognized will feel respected. They feel that their efforts are recognized by their superiors. As a result, they are motivated to devote themselves to work and the organization. Helps increase work efficiency better.

Management can praise employees with good performance through News or Company wall in front of all members of the organization right on the platform human resources managementCoffeeHR. In this way, the leadership has both promoted the working spirit of other employees, and created transparency and fairness in the process of employee evaluation. 

3. Development of remuneration policy

According to the common psychology of employees, good salary and benefits are one of the important factors for them to consider the ideal working environment and make a decision whether to stick with it for a long time or not. Develop a salary and welfare policy based on performance evaluation and working attitude is also one of the suitable ways to create satisfaction for your staff. Employees feel that their efforts for the work, for the organization are completely worth it. The leadership can organize a number of collective internal activities such as festivals, KPI rewards, team building, helping employees to be both motivated to work and have the opportunity to integrate with everyone. 

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CoffeeHR measurement chart

With CoffeeHR software, managers can evaluate work performance of employees through KPIs, rated capacity with a set of evaluation criteria. From there, it is possible to make decisions about rewards, salary reviews, or appointment to new positions. Not only stopping at reviews, CoffeeHR also Provide detailed and comprehensive reports, support managers to grasp the weaknesses in the skills and abilities of employees to propose training courses and improve the quality of human resources. 

4. Flexible construction of working models 

In the face of complicated developments of Covid-19, workers will have to return work remotely is an inevitable thing. Therefore, organizations should consider the flexible option of combining work at home and work at the office, focusing on building an environment and working space that helps to balance the mental health and well-being of employees.

Using online working platforms ensures employee's work-from-home performance. As well as being able to keep a close eye on the tasks assigned to them. Enterprises can completely manage personnel remotely with CoffeeHR thanks to the features time attendance via GPS nice automatic salary calculation, and employees can easily submit proposals online, apply electronic contracts and digital signatures to solve work quickly and smoothly.


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