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Over 15 years of development, Vietsoftware is one of the leading units in the information technology industry in Vietnam, with strengths in software outsourcing services. Not only a strategic partner of many big banks. Vietsoftware aims to expand connections with international customers from Japan, America and Europe. Because of this ambitious vision, businesses regularly recruit to expand the scale of human resources. Requires an effective administration process with the help of recruitment software.

Nhân viên Vietsoftware
Vietsoftware staff

The old system with distributed information on Excel, Gmail was no longer enough to support HCNS to speed up the process. But above all, still ensure quality as well as complete information. Amid the fluctuating IT personnel, these limitations gradually become an "unsolved" problem for businesses.

Came to CoffeeHR from the recommendation of a customer who is using the solution. After 1 month of support and 2 product demos, Vietsoftware has decided to accompany CoffeeHR. With the support of recruitment and human resource management software, the challenges of businesses will gradually be removed.

So, how will CoffeeHR recruitment software help Vietsoftware? 

No more papers with fragmentary information like before. Now, all information about candidates and the recruitment process will be transferred to a unified platform. Moreover, CoffeeHR links with many recruitment websites such as Vietnamworks, Careerbulider, etc. CV sources collected through websites are transferred and stored on Cloud. From there, Vietsoftware conveniently manages and updates the candidate's situation "instantly" through the system. 

In addition, CoffeeHR also has a lot of additional features for Human Resources Department Vietsoftware Shorten recruitment time. That is automatically sending Email, reminding interview schedule to participants, filtering CV by set of criteria.

Phần mềm tuyển dụng CoffeeHR giúp Vietsoftware
Staff at Vietsoftware

Not only in the recruitment process, the leadership and 150 staff from Vietsoftware also appreciate the other features of CoffeeHR. The software has helped the company solve many "backlogs" in the problem salary, salary, insurance. In addition, corporate culture has also improved a lot thanks to the internal interaction platform. For Vietsoftware administrators, the intelligent reporting system helps them evaluate anytime, anywhere. Hanh Ivy, HR consultant of Vietsoftware, shared that:

"CoffeeHR software is very smart, easy to use, has the same potential for development as foreign software and meets many of the needs of the HR department at work.". 


As a fast-growing enterprise, Vietsoftware understands the importance of building a culture of solidarity and optimizing human resource management. With support from Recruitment software and In-depth Human Resources Management CoffeeHR, certainly, Vietsoftware will continue to reap many successes in the future.

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